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News Weekly Round-Up

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It's been quite a week in the realm of Cyber War...

The Small Wars Journal has a compelling piece about why practical intuition about warfare is mostly wrong when it comes to cyberwarfare.  I think they're spot-on about a lot of things.

Bloomberg Business Week has a story about Solid Oak Software being hacked by China after filing a lawsuit against PRC stating that China's Green Dam is based on SOS' tool.  It would be interest to see if there are similarities in the droppers used against SOS and those used against quite a lot of US firms of late.

Robert O'Harrow with the Washington Post has added a story to his Zero Day series.  The most recent story covers "Cyber Ranges," -- training grounds used by government defenders (and presumably hackers) to practice kinetic affects against networks and control systems.

And finally Syria disconnected its Internet access and cell phones across the country, presumably in response to rebel forces.  Syria maintains that terrorists performed the disconnection, but in my view it is highly unlikely that terrorists could shut down all external network connections and cell services simultaneously.  A positive outcome from this is that we may finally see a rational discussion about the "Internet kill switch," in the United States: there shouldn't be one.  Renesys has provided a nice map showing the likelihood of a kill switch by country. Fortunately the US is quite resistant.

Welcome to Cyber Pacifists

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Cyber Pacifists is a blog for former cyber warriors and those interested in cyber war.  We're not all "Cyber Pacifists" per se -- Cyber War can be a good alternative to killing actual people -- but want to stop and meditate and think about the (over) use of the term.

This blog will also serve as a clearinghouse for cool hacks and analysis of cool hacks.

Anyone who considers themselves an expert at this stuff need not apply.

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