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Robert Clark, an attorney with the US Cyber Command, gave a nice interview with ABC News.  In the interview, Clark gives a nice overview of some of the legal challenges involved with Cyber War.  I can only imagine the frustration on the government hackers' facers when, finding the perfect exploit, they have to wait for a chain of approval and then just the right opportunity in order to exploit it.

Reason has a nice piece detailing both the technical and intelligence-gather difficulty of pulling off an effective attack, as well as highlighting the treaty challenges involved in Cyber.  It's a pretty light article, lacking detail, but a nice find for anyone pondering the technical difficulties and legal issues in trying to black out a continent.  My favorite articles about Stuxnet all highlight the "intelligence gathering" aspect -- no doubt the most difficult part in attacking any complex control system.

The Daily Mail has a piece on the US Pentagon's Plan X.  Primarily a hype piece: 110 million USD in funding over 5 years is enough to cover maybe two dozen actual researchers with computers.  Don't expect great or scary new weapons from this group, although we may see some follow-up ala the Washington Post's "Top Secret America" series.

Finally, Japan has been hit by another large earthquake this morning.  Thankfully no major tsunamis this time.  Our thoughts and hopes go out to everyone in Japan.

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