ASIO Wants You(r computer)

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Australia's CIA is making waves. is reporting that ASIO wants permission to break into citizens computer in order to help find and track terrorists.

From the wipe(1) man page:

People should better think of their  computing  devices  as  facilities lended by the DHS.^WASIO.

There.  Fixed that for you.

This is such a stupid idea that I don't understand how it even got started.  Imagine using grandma's computer to send phishing email to a terror cell.  Imagine that the terror cell has even a moderate amount of cyber sophistication and detects the phish and traces it down to its origin.  Guess who the terror cell is going to retaliate against?  Hint: it probably won't be ASIO workers.  I liken this idea to using human shields...not the sort of thing that a free democracy should be doing.

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